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Specialized Myka 26 inch wheel, 13 inch aly frame, hydraulic discs,27 gears, suit 8 to 12 year old unisex, excellent condition, hardly used, as new, hence £395, My Son has advertised his bikes FOR SALE having now outgrown all of them. They are in very good condition. Very little use. I can send more photos and details if required and I am willing to box any bike for shipping or deliver within a reasonable radius.

Tel; 01771 613722
Mob; 07780 523079

Marin Hidden Canyon hardtail 20 inch mountain bike. Aly frame, 24 gears, very good condition £125Sherco 50cc rolling chassis. Requires engine and some components to make it complete. Either make me an offer or get in touch for further details.

Sherco 300i enduro carbon fibre/kevlar hybrid replacement seat baseKTM/Sherco Enduro sumpshield Carbon fibre/kevlar epoxy  construction 8mm thick makes it very stiff, Inner view with stainless steel bracket.KTM/Sherco Enduro sumpshield Carbon fibre/kevlar epoxy construction. Outer view,Original Motocross Twin shock 80's drum braked rear wheel + tyre complete with sprocket.
Hub inner view shows new liners sprocket and liner condition.Hub outer view, shows conical shape.Sherco Enduro Carbon Fibre Air Box
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