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Oset 16 inch & 20 inch Carbon Fibre direct replacement parts and protection.
Beta Evo air box 'ribbed' guard in either carbon or silver twill.
TRS TRRS RR ONE Full Bike Kit of Carbon Fibre Guards NOW AVAILABLE
Product properties and specification:
I have a wide range of products, specifically moulded to suit a variety of bikes. Some of my products are listed with some pictures within this site, but if your bike is not listed then please get in touch. I am continually expanding my range as an on going process, as the factory bike design changes each year I always attempt to do likewise. I do carry a small stock of the more popular parts, but I normally supply on demand once an order is placed.
There is a choice of materials depending on your application and budget. Polyester or Epoxy resin, Carbon/Kevlar or fibre glass composite can influence the cost radically. Exhaust front pipe guards have to be made using a woven cloth and an epoxy resin due to the heat it is exposed to.
 I can supply most other parts in either resin, but epoxy is 50% lighter and has better mechanical strength than polyester. Epoxy resin is more expensive than polyester, but the final outer appearance is the same.
Most parts are made to fit straight away with little or no alterations needed. I can advise on how to attach them or modify to suit, but the normal method is either sticky silicone dots or small strips/squares of industrial strength double sided tape that adheres and cushions. Then as a second back up I strongly advise quality tie wraps/cable ties placed out of harm's way from moving mechanism and pivots.
If you are a practical type of person and handy with tools, then modifications could be made easily. Cutting, trimming and drilling carbon composites is simple and the rough edges can be rubbed down by hand using wet/dry production paper to a smooth 'flesh friendly' finish.
  Please call for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.
Special one off's are not a problem
Special one off's are not a problem
This is my own bodywork but I am open for discussion if you require something out of the ordinary.
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