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A customer's Vertigo Fajardo Replica with carbon fibre full side frame and swing arm guards fitted.TRS TRRS RR ONE Carbon Fibre Full Bike Kits Available NOW.TRS  TRRS RR ONE Full Side Frame Carbon Fibre Guards NOW AVAILABLETRS RR Lower Yoke Lock Stop Guards - Protects Hard Anodising and FrameA customer's Scorpa Factory with 'Tech' type of fork guards in a silver twill Epoxy material.S3 Titanium Beta Evo 2T Carbon Fibre Lower Front Pipe Protector Yamaha TY175 'WES' Carbon Fibre Centre Silencer Heat Shield GuardYamaha TY Ignition Cover Carbon Composite Guard now availableA customer's special carbon cover I made for his modified 4RT flat tank conversionA customer's brand new 2017 Gas Gas with a combination of my carbon fibre guards fittedA customer's Yamaha TY250 with my 'WES' type centre silencer carbon fibre guard fittedHonda Montesa 4RT Carbon Fibre Swing Arm Guards fitted.Honda Montesa Front Splash Guard fitted.A customer's 2015 4RT with plenty of my guards fitted.My own modified Sherco with high level air box and air intake filter. I have also placed all the electrics inside the air box protecting them from mud and water.My own modified Sherco with carbon fibre low level fuel tank. Below this lid is my vacuum pump and filler cap protected from mud and water.My 1981 Armstrong CMT310 on top of Beinn Edra on the Trotternish Ridge.My 1981 Armstrong CMT310 looking across to the Quiraing from the Trotternish Ridge.My own bike with carbon everything!My own modified Sherco with radical frame alterations to shorten wheelbase and increase the steering lock. It also has carbon fibre tank, air box, mudguards and all other guards.20 inch left hand swing arm with disc guard integratedConcept 'Retro' Electric 36v Cafe Racer I was commisioned to build for Oset Bikes UK in 2013Concept Oset 'retro' 36v Electric Cafe Racer I was commisioned to build for Oset Bikes UK in 2013A customer's Beta Evo carbon fibre air box guard fitted.Oset 20 inch carbon fibre swing arm protector with integrated chain guard fitted.Oset 20 inch carbon fibre swing arm protector with integrated brake disc guard fitted.Jordan's 20 inch Oset 'click on'
Honda Montesa 4RT Engine Case, Frame, Swing Arm [with integral 'shark fin'] & Air Box Carbon Fibre Guards fitted.A customer's 4RT with plenty of my guards fitted.SLIDE SHOW below, or browse the project bikes with many more photos to come soon.
Oset 20 inch carbon fibre rear mudguard [flat type without indent] direct replacement bodywork.
Oset 20 inch carbon fibre forward [tank] cover direct replacement bodywork.
A customer's 2013 Beta Evo 2T 'Factory' with many of my guards fitted.
A customer's Beta Evo 2T with frame and swing arm guards fitted.
My own modified Sherco frame after a repaint. A customer's 2013 Beta Evo 2T 'Factory' with many of my guards fitted.
Carbon Fibre repairs to low stress items such as this Termignoni 4RT silencer are carried out in house, apply within.
Montesa Honda 4RT Clutch Water Pump Carbon Fibre Guard fitted.
My own highly modified Sherco.
OSET PR1 Carbon Fibre Universal Number Board. 
A customer's 2015 Beta Evo 2T 300cc with many of my guards fitted.

Montesa Honda Engine Case, Frame, Air Box & Swing Arm Carbon Fibre Composite GuardThis is a special 'one-off ' 20 inch electric bike I built for my son in 2010 when he out grew his 2008 16 inch Oset.

Here you can see examples of parts that I have made to order or test and then photographed before dispatching.
There is a choice of cloths, resins and layers and the final outer surface can be a gloss, satin or matt finish.
Concept 'retro' Electric Cafe Racer I was commisioned to build in 2013 for Oset Bikes UK.Termignoni 4RT silencer in mid-repair, ready for re-skinning where the rider's boots have rubbed through the original laminates!It is up to you to decide from colours such as; Carbon Fibre - 2x2 twill or plain, [black only], Silver twill [polyester],

Here is a customer's Beta Evo 4T with one of my extended front exhaust pipe guards.This shields the rider's left leg, pants and boot from serious burns. I also make a similar version for the earlier models of the Evo 4T.Blue [carbon/polyester],
Red [carbon/polyester],
Green [carbon/polyester], Kevlar [yellow only], carbon/Kevlar Hybrid twill [black/yellow].
My son Jordan's 20 inch 48v Oset with Kelley Carbon guards being tested!!A customer's brand new 2017 Gas Gas with my 'Tech' type of carbon fibre fork leg guardsGas Gas carbon fibre swing arm guards fitted to a customer's own bikeFibre glass composite parts can be presented with a smooth coloured gell coat of many choices, on both inner and outer surfaces.
None of my parts are ever presented with rough, sharp surfaces or edges. Most items are ready for fitting with no further cutting or drilling required.
My 1981 Montesa Cota 200 with composite fuel tank/seat unit mudguards and air box.Enjoy the slide show, click on a photo to pause or to go frame by frame. More fresh pictures coming soon....
Oset 20 inch 48volt [4 x12v lead/gel] GRP battery boxMy own Sherco that I have radically modified with chassis changes and complete carbon fibre fuel tank, air box and mudguards. This way I test the materials and experiment with ideas within my own control before making things available for retail.Oset 20 inch carbom fibre centre [seat] panel direct replacement bodywork fitted20 & 16 inch Oset Carbon Fibre Front mudguard with integral bracket for lower weight & better mud clearanceMy own 'Specialized XC FSR' with my design 'Cobra' mud catcher and fork guards fitted.
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