Carbon Fibre Repairs, Re-Skin & General Refurbishment.

If after sometime your guards and other components become worn from impacts or your riding boots rubbing against them or they have absorbed and sufferd many scrapes, scratches and massive crashes along the way. Then you may like to know of an affordable way of replenishing the guards, without too much expenditure for yourself.

This saves disposing the guards, uneccesary filling landfill, damaging the planet with wasted plastics and other materials, return them to me and I will advise you what to do next?

I can now offer a service, whereby you send me your item for repair and I will place it back into it's original mould and re-skin the outer surface with a layer of fresh carbon cloth and build up with further carbon in the prone area that has become vulnerable while riding.

This will provide you with a continues protection for your machine at 50% of the cost of a new replacement guard or component. Study the pictures below of 'Before & After' shots of some of the guards I have repaired and re-skinned over the last few years. Some are frame and swing arm guards that suffer more when mud/dirt/grit become trapped between the riding boots and the guard. This excellerates the wear as the mud/dirt/grit becomes very abrasive, unless periodic cleaning, surface prep and spray lacquering is made at regular intervals.

. Other problem areas are the rear silencer guards or complete carbon cans, like here below on this Honda/Montesa 4RT Termignoni exhaust silencer. I have repaired many of these, where both the outer skin has been reduced together with the hot gases from the four stroke engine have managed to create a weak spot and blow a hole straight through. But no worries, I can perform a comprehensive repair and refurb, by drilling apart the can, removing the internals to add layers of carbon in and around the hole. Then apply a new skin of carbon cloth to the outer surface after a few strips below to aid further wear for the future.

Please contact me if you have any questions or you are needing a quote, before sending me your items for repairing. It may not be fit for the bin, so do not 'write it off' just yet until you have spoken or emailed me with your issues, thank you.

Honda Montesa 4RT Termignoni Carbon Fibre Silencer can with worn area and hole from riding boot rubbing and hot gases from the 4stroke engine.

Honda Montesa 4RT Termignoni Silencer, after a complete repair, re-skin and repack. A service I can perform to almost any rear silencer or carbon fibre component.

Beta Evo 80cc Frame Guards that have suffered wear in just the corner edges. These can be repaired and re-skinned by placing them back in my orignal moulds.

Beta Evo 80cc Frame Guards after a repair and re-skin with fresh carbon cloth.

Honda Montesa 4RT Termignoni Exhaust Silencer before I have carried out the repair and re-skin.You can see where the riders boot has removed a few layers of carbon weave and the tip has suffered some revers impacts. All of this can be brought back to life with my in-house repair service.

Honda Montesa Termignoni carbon can after a full repair, refurb, re-pack and re-skin. To prevent futher wear I can make owners a seperate removable carbon cover, that will fit tightly with existing fasteners.

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My Background and Location: I

I began this business having realised there was a gap in the market when trying to fulfil my own needs and requirements. Whilst riding my mountain bike and competing on my trials bike, it was clear that certain vulnerable areas of the machinery could be protected from the inevitable. Making contact with the scenery, therefore damaging the components, which then decreases the performance and lowers the residual value of the bike. So, I experimented with my own bikes, making prototype guards that I then tested over a length of time, before making them available to the general public.

Having been involved in motor sport and off road motorcycling since the age of 16 has given me a deep and experienced background of some 36 years and counting. I have also constructed many vehicles such as rally cars and kit cars for both customers and for my own competitions and leisure use. This has helped me to understand the criteria necessary for a component to earn it's keep by having a purpose and not just to be attached for the ride. Strong, flexible and light, offering a close fit with tight tolerances in areas of importance, allowing good clearance around moving mechanisms, such as; rear brake and kickstart. A guard's purpose can be two-fold, not only can carbon fibre be used to enhance or customise to suit an individual's choice. It can also form a barrier that deflects dirt, friction, heat and impacts and in doing so prevents the surface below making contact, keeping the important parts beneath intact and/or the rider free from exhaust burns.

My company title M.S.I [Motor Sport International] came about after 11 and a half years of working and travelling as a welder and fabricator within three separate World Rally Teams; [Mitsubishi Ralliart 3.5yrs, M Sport Ford 7yrs and Tommi Makinen Racing Subaru based in Finland for 1 year]. I believe that my customer's needs are of the utmost importance, I am 100% committed to meeting those needs, as a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals. Having said that, I am always willing and interested in supplying very small volume or 'one offs'!

If you require further in depth information on my products or my services then please email me [email protected] as I'm often busy and unable to pick up the phone, but I can reply to messages left later that day.

Kind Regards.

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