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VERTIGO Frames side protection can be 'cut down' to customer's preference, ie; full side, half side and just triangle tubular cover only. The choice is yours!Vertigo Ice Hell/Combat Carbon Fibre Full Bike Kits NOW AVAILABLE.TRS TRRS RR ONE Full Carbon Fibre Bike Kit Now Available.TRS Carbon Fibre Guards NOW AVAILABLE Full Bike Kits and Individual Guards as shown and llisted.
Vertigo Ice Hell/Combat Carbon Swing Arm Guards Now Available.Beta Evo 4T both engine crank case sides [clutch and ignition] can be protected with a carbon fibre complete cover guard.Carbon fibre Honda RTL tank/seat unit shelter. I have a super light weight £225 in stock with/without carbon seat + £50I can make any component in Kevlar or Carbon/Kevlar Hybrid, to resist continuous massive impactsTRS TRRS ONE Carbon Fibre Direct replacement End Cap Tip   P.O.AOSSA TRi Ignition Cover full carbon guard now available.Beta Evo 4T full exhaust system with an extended front pipe guard I make to protect rider's left leg and bootBeta Evo 4T [four stroke] engine casing left hand side ignition carbon fibre complete cover now available.Beta Evo 4T [4stroke] both right and left hand crank casing carbon guards now avaialble.
Vertigo Ice Hell/Combat Carbon Fibre Frame [including integrated or separate] Side Panel Support, Swing Arm & Front Exhaust Pipe Guard Now Available.

Honda Montesa 4RT 'Full Bike Kit' of Carbon Fibre Guards Now available.Beta Evo 2T ;Arrow; replacement Tip and Side Guards fitted.

Carbon Fibre Guards
Vertigo Combat/Ice Hell
Here is a customer's Vertigo Fajardo Replica with carbon fibre frame 'full side' and swing arm guards fitted.Vertigo Ice Hell/Combat Carbon Clutch and Ignition Casing Guards Now Available,.
Sherco ST Blue Twill Frame GuardsMontesa Honda 4RT 'Tech type' fork leg carbon fibre 2x2 twill guards.Beta 80cc Front Pipe guard carbon twill 2x2 +44 [0] 1771 613722
+44 [0] 7780 523079
a _ kelley@hotmail.co.uk
Hi, I'm Andy Kelley and thank you for visiting my home made website, I hope to continue to build on and keep updated as my product range expands in parallel. You can see from the many pictures that I manufacture carbon fibre and composite parts and protectors for predominately off road bikes. I have in the recent past, made parts for cars, boats and light aircraft also, but my main aim with this site are trials bikes.
Yamaha TY250 'WES' type centre box exhaust guardBespoke fuel tank, air box and rear mudguard made for Oset Bikes UK team rider Oliver Smith's Oset PR12017 Gas Gas 2x2 twill carbon fibre silencer guardI have made myself 'in house' well over 300 moulds/tooling and continue to produce more as changes and developments happen and evolve. I have available for both modern and retro trials bikes guards and direct replacement components [see parts listings], with many new moulds continuing to be produced as an on-going process. Most of my business time is taken up manufacturing parts that have been ordered, I tend to supply on demand and try to turn the item around as soon as I can. If a batch order is placed, then this can take longer due to curing time taken up with the mould. The waiting is worthwhile though, because now an affordable genuine carbon fibre and composite parts are within reach of the clubman. If you have an obsolete part on your pre65 or 80's twin shock, I can replace or replicate it. This could eliminate the worry of damage whilst riding, knowing your original parts can be kept pristine. Now you can get your hands on proper Carbon Fibre, Kevlar or Hybrid composites, not plastic ABS look a like, these parts are all hand made by myself from rolls of cloth, resins and two-part compression moulds. The parts are totally bespoke, mouldings are taken directly from the original parts so a close and contoured fit is guaranteed. If you wish to keep that brand new 2020 bike looking mint and you wish to hold it's top resale value, then now you can protect it where it is open to wear and tear and in doing so you can ride with confidence. Maybe you have an older bike that is need of a quick and simple make over to cover up those nasty dents and scratches, then I may be able to help you. 
I am originally from Yorkshire but through work commitments I have lived in various parts of the Globe. I am now operating from a new address in Aberdeenshire [see contacts page], whereby I have various spacious workshops, with a layout and facilities that separate my materials from laminating to trimming to packaging, etc.
 Parts are ordered and dispatched using modern mail and shipping methods so location is not  a problem. 
I normally email customers an invoice for them to make a BACS or IBAN [if International] payment, along with a parcel tracking number.
M.S.I is my company trading name and Kelley Carbon is the product name for the items listed on this site. Remember, it's all Hand Made in the UK using British suppliers and local companies. It may be useful for you to know that I have many other strings to my bow like; Tig welding;[Steel, Aluminium, Titanium] & Mig welding, fabricating, restoration and accident repair, paint spraying and mechanical repair/rebuilds. I can perform carbon fibre and GRP composites repairs and refurbishments too.
This site is focused on providing a high-quality sales of parts and/or laminating service. Whatever your needs and what ever my involvement, it is customer satisfaction that is my main priority and I will do everything I can to meet your expectations.
Gas Gas front pipe exhaust guard made in 2x2 twill epoxy.. No tools needed, just clips on - off.With a variety of Carbon Fibre and Composite guards to choose from, I'm sure you'll be able to get an idea of the type of protector or part you have in mind. Look around my simple website and you'll see that the emphasis is on the product not the hard sell.
When receiving a parcel, you'll see I  prefer to recycle my packaging, so you now know your hard earned money went into making the part and not on the fancy wrapper, that ends up in the waste bin!
I can also be commissioned to make a protector or replacement part to your own specific requirements. This I have done many times in the past for customers, but time and expense for me to make the tooling must be considered. If the part is a very special 'never to be repeated - one off' then I may ask you the client to pay for the cost of the mould/tooling. That way, I do not spend weeks making tooling/moulds that will almost never be used again, but the client gets to keep the moulds/tooling or leave it within my workshop for any possible future sales. If this does happen, then the client would be entitled to charge any customer of their own a commission, that will help to pay for their initial layout in the first place. I may just be the solution to your problem having exhausted your search, then just give me a call or drop me a message. Or if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. 

Beta Evo 2T Rear Silencer Guard including tip cover. Different finishes available.WANTED; Bike parts for moulding purposes. Discount offer applied to any carbon guards for customers willing to lend me their components.
Tel; +44 [0] 1771 613722      
Mob; +44 [0] 7780523079                                     

Beta Evo 2T Arrow front pipe guard.
A customer's brand new 2017 Gas Gas with a combination of my carbon guards fitted 
Beta Evo 2T front pipes. Two different versions available depending on year and capacity of machine?
This is just a random selection of photos of my products. If you have not managed to spot your own bike or if you have a specific request, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Tel; +44 [0] 1771 613722
Mobile; +44 [0] 7780523079
Montesa Honda 4RT Clutch Case and Water Pump Carbon Composite protector
2015 Beta Evo 2T 300cc front lower pipe guard, as fitted to a customer's bike.

2015 Beta Evo 2T 300cc lower front pipe guard.

2015 Beta Evo 2T 300cc lower front pipe guard.
My Sherco with lowered carbon fibre fuel tank, high level air box and CF mudguards.My 1981 Montesa Cota 200 with my composite fuel tank/seat unit, mudguards, air box and fork guardsMy 1981 Armstrong CMT310 with a composite fuel tank/seat unit, mudguards and air box.Montesa Honda 4RT [direct replacement] Carbon Fibre Silencer GuardConcept 'retro' 36v Electric Cafe Racer I was commisioned to build in 2013 for Oset Bikes UK.
A customer's Scorpa Factory with 'Tech' type of fork guards made and fitted in a silver twill Epoxy material choice.
Beta Evo 2T  'Arrow' Silencer Tip in a Silver twillMontesa Honda 'Tech' type Fork Leg Carbon Fibre Guards fitted.A customer's Sherco ST with exhaust/fuel tank guards fitted.2015 Beta Evo 2T silencer is now +50mm longer. This is a customer's bike with an extended silencer guard fitted, covering the whole silencer including the tip.A customer's 2015 Beta Evo 2T with front upper and lower exhaust pipe guards and clutch/water pump full protector fitted. Beta Evo 2T full clutch and water pump guard in a plain weave.2015 Beta Evo 2T Silencer is now +50mm longer. I can make you a full guard to protect the whole surface including the tip.Beta Evo 2T front pipe. Two different versions depending year and cc.1981 Montesa Cota 200 replacement fuel tank/seat unit completeA customer's Beta Evo showing: carbon fibre lower front pipe protection and mud deflection panel fitted.A customer's Beta Evo 2T 2013 'factory' with carbon fibre front pipe, clutch/water pump and frame guards fitted.
Here is a customer's Beta Evo 4T with one my extended front exhaust pipe guards. This protects the rider's left leg, pants and boot from serious burns. I also make a similar version for the earlier 4T model.
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