A customer's Vertigo Fajardo Replica with carbon fibre full side frame and swing arm guards fitted.

TRS TRRS RR ONE Carbon Fibre Full Bike Kits Available NOW.

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below, or browse the project bikes with many more photos to come soon.

TRS TRRS RR ONE Full Side Frame Carbon Fibre Guards NOW AVAILABLE

Here you can see examples of parts that I have made to order or test and then photographed before dispatching.

There is a choice of cloths, resins and layers and the final outer surface can be a gloss, satin or matt finish.

It is up to you to decide from colours such as; Carbon Fibre - 2x2 twill or plain, [black only], Silver twill [polyester],

Blue [carbon/polyester],

Red [carbon/polyester],

Green [carbon/polyester], Kevlar [yellow only], carbon/Kevlar Hybrid twill [black/yellow].

Fibre glass composite parts can be presented with a smooth coloured gell coat of many choices, on both inner and outer surfaces.

None of my parts are ever presented with rough, sharp surfaces or edges. Most items are ready for fitting with no further cutting or drilling required.

Enjoy the slide show, click on a photo to pause or to go frame by frame. More fresh pictures coming soon....